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Posted by on Jul 24, 2019 in Bail Bonds Service |

3 Reasons Why Defendants Use a Bail Agent in Pontiac

3 Reasons Why Defendants Use a Bail Agent in Pontiac

Every year U.S. law enforcement agencies arrest more than 10 million citizens. The majority are released from jail within a day or two, usually with the help of bail bond professionals. Bond agents help clients navigate the legal system and offer them important benefits. For example, a Bail Agent in Pontiac helps clients get free so they can work on their defenses and keep their jobs. Bail bond allows the accused to maintain their dignity and remain comfortable at home.

Defendants Can Prepare for Trial

Jail inmates are allowed to speak with their attorneys and work on their defenses; however, it is an awkward process. It is much easier for defendants to prepare for trial while living at home. They can devote their time to issues like finding witnesses and becoming familiar with their cases. Most can be released once they pay the bail that a judge has set. If they cannot afford it, defendants may call 24/7 bail bond agents who start working for their clients immediately. A Bail Agent in Pontiac knows the court systems and can often get clients out of jail within hours of their arrests.

Clients Are More Comfortable

Defendants who want to remain comfortable while awaiting their trial dates also contact bondsmen at sites like Clients pay agents 10% of the bail amount. Agents guarantee the courts that their clients will appear in court. The accused can then live in familiar surroundings instead of staying in harsh jail environments. There is no danger from other inmates. Defendants who stay at home often look better groomed and professional at trial. Inmates may appear disheveled, which can affect a jury’s opinion.

The Accused Preserve Their Images

Bond agents can often get clients released so quickly that few people even know there was an arrest. Defendants avoid the embarrassment of explaining why they were not at social events or missed several days of work. Bail bond agents are professional and discrete. They guard their clients’ information carefully.
Bail bond agent’s help clients get out of jail so they have the time to prepare their defenses at home. Agents act so quickly and discretely that clients are often able to resolve their legal issues without friends or coworkers finding out there was a problem.