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Posted by on May 18, 2017 in Pest Control |

When to Call Mold Removal Services in Alexandria, VA

When to Call Mold Removal Services in Alexandria, VA

Often water damage is only the beginning of a homeowner’s problems. Even a small amount of standing water can lead to the development of dangerous mold in dark and difficult to reach places. Unfortunately, since mold most frequently thrives in damp, dark places like crawlspaces and the inside of walls, homeowners often don’t even realize that they have a problem until family members begin to experience negative health repercussions. Instead, homeowners who have recently dealt with water damage should keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time to look into Mold Removal Services in Alexandria VA.

Unpleasant, Musty Odors

Most types of mold put off an unpleasant odor. Some property owners describe it as musty, or earthy. Generally speaking, if there is any kind of unexplained odor lingering around after water damage has been repaired it’s good reason to call for Mold Removal Services in Alexandria VA.

Visible Growth

Although mold often does not grow in areas that are easily visible, it’s still a good idea to perform routine visual inspections of areas that have been impacted by water damage or excessive moisture. It comes in a variety of textures and colors, so keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious discoloration. Homeowners frequently describe the appearance of mold as making areas look persistently dirty even after regular cleaning.

Breathing Problems

Mold can cause a variety of health problems, but one of the first of them to manifest is usually irritation to existing asthma or indoor allergies. If anyone in the house is suffering from increased asthma or allergy flare-ups, it might be time to look into Mold Removal Services in Alexandria VA.

Ongoing Moisture Issues

Even after standing water is removed and the area is cleaned up, a certain amount of moisture may persist in the air. Areas that are exceptionally humid are almost always more prone to dangerous mold growth. Attempting to clean up mold without adequate safety gear and equipment can place property owners in danger of developing breathing problems and other health troubles. Instead, call a company like Pest Management Services in Alexandria VA to provide a professional evaluation and come up with a remediation plan.

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