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Posted by on Dec 7, 2017 in Moving |

What to Seek in Storage Units in Plymouth, MA

What to Seek in Storage Units in Plymouth, MA

Are you planning to move but have not yet purchased a new house? Do you need extra space to store your furniture? Do you need to store items away from your home or office? If so, you can find the storage you need by contacting a mover who offers climate-controlled units.

Is the Storage Unit Made of Solid Brick?

When making a choice for storage units in Plymouth, MA, you are better off picking a solid brick building as well as one that is climate-controlled. A climate-controlled facility will prevent your items from getting moldy and keep them in good shape. The facility should be designed to keep your belongings secure and free of moisture or grime.

Get Organized

Storage units should also be located in a place that is fenced, lighted, and locked. You need to find a mover that offers flexibility in this regard. When preparing items for moving and storage, you also want to ensure the company you use offers a full range of packing materials. That way, you can better organize your moving and storage inventory.

Choosing Box Sizes

Packing materials for storage units and moves include various sized boxes, wardrobes, cartons for mirrors, tape, mattress bags, and bubble wrap. If you are packing large items, such as books, the cartons should be smaller, or 12” x 12” x 16” in size. Linen, glass, and china fit nicely into cartons that are 16” x 16” x 18”. Pack toys, bedding, or pillows in cartons that are sized 20” x 24” x 24”.

Packing and Labeling

You should pack items, such as books and tools, in smaller cartons as they are heavier and will be easier to transport in a smaller-sized carton. Bedding, however, can go in a larger box as it does not weigh as much. Once you have packed your items, label the boxes. Place items in storage that you need to access toward the front.

Do you need more information on packing or storage? If so, schedule an appointment today with a mover that offers quality storage.

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