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Posted by on May 19, 2017 in Carbon Supplier |

What To Consider When Choosing Carbon Electrodes

What To Consider When Choosing Carbon Electrodes

For plants and facilities that are working with ferroalloy, silicon or other materials, having the correct carbon electrodes is going to be an essential part of the efficiency of the process. Not only does this mean the right size of electrodes, but it also refers to the quality of the electrodes, which can vary considerably from different suppliers.

Standard and Custom Sizes

There are several different suppliers that offer carbon electrodes in limited sizes. A few more companies will provide these electrodes in a greater range of sizes, with some offering up to fifty-five-inch diameters.

A very limited number of suppliers are able to produce carbon electrodes for custom orders. However, if you do require custom sizes or diameters, it will be critical to shop well in advance to find a supplier to have them made to order and available for delivery to meet your plant requirements.

Creating the Column

In the vast majority of applications, the electrodes will need to be in a column form. There are different options or configurations possible to join the electrodes in the end to end configuration.

Many applications will use a male and female end to create a conical joint. There is also the option to use a graphite pin to connect the electrodes into the columnar shape required for refining or smelting applications.

This ability to create the column correctly allows for the flow of current down the column. Incorrect joints or problems in the design or materials used to create the electrodes will result in poor electrical conductivity or irregular conductivity through the column.

Ideally, the quality and the ability to find the standard or custom size of the electrode will be the important factors to consider. Also, verify the supplier offers just-in-time delivery and has a top reputation for customer service and support.

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