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Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 in Dentistry |

What Services Does A Dentist In Annapolis Provide?

What Services Does A Dentist In Annapolis Provide?

In Maryland, dental professionals address serious concerns for their patients, and they offer helpful advice to improve the patient’s teeth and gums. Their recommendations could lower the chances of periodontal disease and tooth loss. A local Dentist Annapolis explains all services available to their patients.

Managing Infections and Abscesses

Tooth damage can lead to infections and abscesses, and these conditions cause pain and discomfort. The dentist can provide antibiotics and clean out an abscess thoroughly, and they will manage the damaged tooth as soon as these conditions are eliminated entirely. It is vital for the patient to visit their dentist at the first sign of these conditions, as infections can present life-threatening effects.

Addressing Jaw Pain and Teeth Grinding

A mouth guard is provided when patients experience severe jaw pain and damage due to teeth grinding. The device can cushion the teeth while the patient sleeps and prevent damage due to pressure. These devices could also present a viable option for adjusting the position of the jaw when the patient sleeps and lower the effects of sleep apnea.

Eliminating the Effects of Medication

Dental patients will need beneficial services to eliminate the effects of medication, and teeth whitening services could help these patients. Certain medications can leave serious stains on their teeth, and this could hinder the patient’s self-esteem. The dentist performs whitening treatments to remove these stains when possible; however, veneers are used for permanent stains.

Is the Focus of an Exam on the Teeth and Gums Only?

No, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s mouth for cancer, and they may acquire a tissue sample when an abnormal growth is detected. The patient’s rate of survival is greater when the dental professional discovers these conditions at an earlier stage, and the dentist can schedule cancer treatment as soon as it is diagnosed.

In Maryland, dental professionals perform invaluable treatments for their patients and address complexities that threaten the teeth and gums. The dentist offers devices that can reduce pain and help patients get more sleep at night. Patients who want to learn more about the services contact a Dentist Annapolis or Browse Site right now.

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