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What are fascias and soffits?

What are fascias and soffits?

The roof trim on a house consists of two elements, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical member is called a fascia board and the horizontal component is called the soffit. Both Fascias & Soffits in Wrexham are important in keeping the weather at bay as well as giving the house a finished appearance.

The fascia board is mounted on the cut and exposed ends of the roof rafters, the soffit is installed horizontally under the eaves of the roof, and it extends from the exterior wall surface to the back side of the fascia board, thus enclosing the roof overhang.

Not every home is constructed in this fashion but the greatest majority are. There are homes where the roof is flush with the walls, the fascia board is still an integral part of the construction but there are no soffits required. In this case, the loft ventilation takes place through vents which are cut into the fascia; normally the loft vents are located in the soffit boards.

The Fascias & Soffits Wrexham do double duty, the soffit hold the vent grills and the fascia board is the point of attachment for the roof gutters and the down pipes. The gutters are an important component of house construction as they collect the rain water off the roof and direct it to a common collection point where it is then distributed in a manner which eliminated pooling at the slab or house foundation.

The boards of both the fascia and soffit are subjected to weather and periodically require either repair or complete replacement. As this part of the house is constantly subjected to water due to the gutter location, it takes little time for rot to set in and rot, if left unchecked can quickly spread to the roof and rafters. It is rare that the entire perimeter of the home needs to be replaced; it is not difficult to isolate the rotting section, cut it out and replace it with a new board or piece of wood.

When the fascia board is being replaced it is important that the shingles be lifted a little so that the board’s upper edge will be covered with the shingle. In many cases the boards can be pre-painted and then installed.

Fascias & Soffits in Wrexham

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