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Posted by on May 18, 2017 in Pest Control |

Using An Exterminator in Brooklyn

Using An Exterminator in Brooklyn

When a homeowner discovers there are mice present in their living space, they will most likely want to find a way to eliminate these pests quickly. Many people will hire an exterminator in Brooklyn to eradicate a rodent problem effectively. It will be necessary to take steps after their elimination to make sure these pests do not return in the future.

Keep The Home Clean

It is extremely important to take time in cleaning the interior of the home so mice do not have a food supply within easy reach. Failing to vacuum regularly will lead to the exposure of crumbs that mice can eat when desired. Clean all kitchen food prep surfaces with a bleach-based solution to eliminate odors that can attract all kinds of pests, including mice.

Add Some Deterrents

Mice will shy away from the smell of peppermint. If possible, plant a few peppermint plants around the perimeter of the home to keep mice from trying to get inside. Peppermint oil can also be placed on cotton balls and tucked into corners to keep mice from taking up residence in the home. Adding a few plastic birds outdoors will also keep mice from getting too close to the structure.

Seal All Entryways

If cracks are present in the siding of the home, mice can use them as passageways to the interior. Use caulk to seal any potential entryways in their entirety. It is best to take a look at the windows and doors of the home to see if there are noticeable gaps present in these areas as well. Weatherstripping can be used to fill in voids well.

Call An Exterminator Regularly

Getting yearly checkups of the condition of the home can give a clue as to whether mice are still harbored within the walls. An exterminator can do evaluations of the condition of the home to look for signs of the presence of rodents. If there are signals that mice are still present, a more aggressive approach in killing mice can be used. Contact an exterminator in Brooklyn today to assess the home for a rodent problem if needed. Visit to find out more.

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