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Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Shopping |

Understanding What Airsoft BB Guns Are

Understanding What Airsoft BB Guns Are

When it comes to the term ‘airsoft,’ it can be used to describe either a particular type of activity, as well as, a weapons system. Many know what a BB gun is and essentially airsoft BB guns are a subsidiary of the BB gun. Both of these types of guns utilize small round pellets or BB’s that are projected by the use of CO2 cartridges. The biggest difference between airsoft BB guns and typical BB guns is that the BB’s are made of a hard plastic that is made from a biodegradable material versus lead or steel. The size of the BB’s that are used within the airsoft BB guns are also slightly larger in size.

Airsoft Are Realistic

Many of the airsoft BB guns are styled after ‘real’ guns and they fire in a similar manner. They are far more realistic and the recoil is the same that one would experience if they were firing a real gun. For this reason alone is why many police officers in training and the military use airsoft guns for training purposes. They are not only for recreational purpose.


Many people partake in LARP (live action role-playing games) and there are numerous ‘teams’ worldwide that re-enact historic battles, and/or military simulations. When it comes to these games, one’s tactical strategy is imperative and they take everything very seriously.


The largest advantage that the airsoft BB guns can offer any individual is that they look like real guns. It makes the entire LARP experience more intense and believable if they are being used during re-enactments. Even some enthusiasts have difficulty telling the difference between airsoft guns and real ones. Although an orange tip is supposed to be painted on the end of all airsoft guns, if they did not have that indication, even a trained eye would have some serious studying to do.

Offering fun to not only children anymore, airsoft BB guns can be enjoyed by people of all ages. One thing to remember is that they can still cause damage to property and hurt people, so think about safety first. There are plenty of different vests, helmets, goggles, and so forth that can be purchased as well along with the airsoft BB guns and it is suggested to ensure that the people using these things; knows how to properly engage in LARP games without causing harm to themselves or anyone else.

If you are looking for airsoft BB guns and other equipment, Airsoft GI is the one stop shop that will have everything you are looking for.

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