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Posted by on Dec 7, 2017 in Guns |

Top Reasons To Own A Custom AR

Top Reasons To Own A Custom AR

With more people than ever adding an AR to their collection of guns, it is interesting to hear all the different reasons that people have for choosing this particular weapon. The reasons are just as diverse as the gun owners themselves, but here are a few common reasons that will be heard in any group of gun owners.

1. Custom AR potential – it is virtually impossible to find a weapon that is as easy to customize as an AR15 or AR16. These are guns that even those with limited gunsmithing experience can custom and deck out to meet their specific shooting requirements.

2. Accuracy – with a custom AR that is personalized to fit the shooter, accuracy with the entire AR line is a given. With accuracy comes confidence in using the weapon even if the owner doesn’t want to spend hour and hours on the target range honing their skills.

3. Versatility – the AR16/AR16 and other similar types of weapons are highly versatile. They are fun to take out on the shooting range and, with limited kick and recoil, they are ideal for men and women alike to shoot without the stiffness and soreness that comes from many of the long guns. This is also an ideal gun for hunters with the option to add rails and mount optics and other accessories.

4. Lighter to carry – by changing out components, a custom AR can become a very lightweight weapon. Choosing quality custom components made of aluminum or even some of the durable polymers makes for a weapon that can be easily carried for an entire day in the field.

5. Style – aside from the overall look of the AR, it is possible to add your own custom touches. This can streamline the weapon, make it look more “military” or add the latest in customized options for versatility, accuracy as well as a unique, personalized appearance.

These are just a few reasons people like their ARs. Asking around with gun owners will provide additional great reasons to add one to your gun collection.

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