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Posted by on Sep 15, 2017 in Real Estate |

The Best City for Millennials in America

The Best City for Millennials in America

There are a number of lists that rank the quality of cities around the country. Top tens and twenties with all sorts of criteria aimed at all sorts of demographics are published, with a wide variety of cities being suggested. However, when it comes to suggesting cities for millennials, one city is consistently at the top of the list. That city is: Austin, Texas. Here are a few reasons that the capital of Texas is also the capital of young people.

More Affordable

In todays tough economy, one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an area to live is the price tag attached. Austin has a cost of living index of 101, certainly more expensive than many rural regions, but quite reasonable for a city. Austin Condos are for sale for as low as a hundred thousand dollars, a ludicrous price for many other trendy cities.

Job Opportunities

The jobs are plentiful in Austin, and people flock to where the jobs are. A recent study determined that Austin is the number one spot for job seekers in America, with a very low unemployment rate, high median wages, and an incredible employed population growth of 34% in recent years. With positions available in media, tech, engineering, and many more fields, Austin is the place to be for anyone trying to kick starts their career.

Vibrant Nightlife

Despite the relatively low cost of living, there is a fantastic nightlife to be found in downtown Austin. Host to a legendary music scene, Austin has literally hundreds of musical venues, playing everything from blues to jazz to underground punk. Every year, there are countless festivals and other public events all throughout Austin. With pretty much every subculture represented, whatever you are into, youll be able to find it in Austin.

Other Millennials

This is somewhat more of an effect than a cause, but it does work both ways. After all, people want to be places where they can meet other people their age. Well, Austin, likely due to its many other attractive elements, has the largest amount of millennials in the country. More than a quarter of the residents of the city fall within the millennial age bracket.

Maybe you graduated college recently. Or maybe youre looking to change careers before you become too entrenched. Possibly just because you need a change. Whatever the reason, Austin might be the place for you. For more information, visit Austin Proper Residences

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