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Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Pets |

Reap the Benefits of Fresh Water Aquariums in New York in Your Own Home or Business

Aquarium therapy is the use of an aquarium or fish tank to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and minimize anxiety. Studies have shown that just the act of watching fish swim in an aquarium provides a feeling of well-being. It is for these reasons that more and more aquariums are found in dentist and doctor waiting rooms, funeral homes, day care centers, restaurants, and spas.

Keeping fish in bowls or containers dates back to the Roman Empire in the year 50 AD. In England, aquariums became popular after Phillip Henry Gosse created and stocked the first public aquarium in the London Zoo in 1853. He is also credited with coining the term “aquarium.” The United States soon followed suit, founding the country’s first aquarist society in New York City. As of 1996, aquarium keeping was the second-most popular hobby in the United States. Television shows like Fish Tank Kings and Tanked have further boosted interest in aquariums.

Aquariums come in all shapes, sizes and designs. For those not sure where to begin looking for Fresh Water Aquariums in New York, a good place to start is by consulting an aquarium specialist like  Most aquariums are made of glass panes bonded by a silicone sealant. In recent years, acrylic aquariums have become a major competitor to glass. Acrylic is lighter, stronger, and provides a degree of temperature insulation. Acrylic also allows for curved and geometrical shapes unavailable in the glass.

Fortunately, for the busy homeowner or business owner who desires a beautiful aquarium but lacks the time to setup or maintain Fresh Water Aquariums in New York, there are companies that will do so. Not only will they provide custom aquarium installation, but they also offer cleaning and maintenance programs. Maintaining the aquarium is essential for the overall health of the inhabitants. A maintenance program consists of weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings, as well as water testing, the maintenance of mechanical equipment such as filters and air pumps, necessary tank repairs, and more.

Aquariums can be set into walls, serve as tables or even as the toilet. They can be incorporated into the furniture or used as a stand-alone showpiece. Whether the aquarium is 10 gallons or 200 gallons, glass or acrylic, fresh or saltwater, the end result will be an object of beauty and relaxation.

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