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Posted by on Apr 20, 2017 in Restoration |

Protecting Family Heirlooms With Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

Protecting Family Heirlooms With Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

An antique oriental rug deserves more than a deep cleaning or a few repairs. These are not typical department store floor coverings. They are unique works of art that are frequently very valuable. Caring for an antique rug requires the assistance of skilled tradespeople that have the tools and experience to return a faded or damaged rug to its original beauty.

Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City requires special steps to ensure the value is restored along with its appearance. When the repair is done correctly, it will boost the desirability of the antique rug. A carefully performed restoration will also usually make the rug durable enough to use instead of just having on display. There are many methods available to perform this task, but only specially trained professional repair technicians should be allowed to perform the work.

• A deep cleaning may be needed to remove any stains or debris before the repairs take place.

• The edges of the rug may need to be stabilized to prevent the binding from fraying.

• Damaged areas are patched by reweaving those areas using specially dyed yarns that match the color and type of material used in the original design.

• All fringe is repaired or replaced as needed.

• Re-piling and re-tufting all worn, flattened areas return the pile to its original depth.

• A color restoration revives the original vibrancy of the rug and is possible on small areas of faded material or over the entire rug.

Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City is the only way to preserve or increase the value of a damaged antique oriental rug. The service is useful for owners of severely damaged pieces as well as rugs that are just beginning to show their age. Annual professional cleanings and maintenance will protect the rug and make it an eye-catching accessory whenever it is on display.

Owners of heirloom rugs that want to continue to pass them on to future generations will need to understand how to keep and care for their family treasures. Learn more about us and what services are available before attempting any cleaning or repairs at home.

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