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Posted by on Jul 11, 2018 in Guns |

Options In 30mm Scope Rings

Options In 30mm Scope Rings

The scope mounts and rings are designed to not only secure the scope to the weapon but to also provide stability and accuracy for the shooter. Choosing the right option in 30mm scope rings is not just about holding the scope in place on the gun, it is also about having the scope at the correct height as well as with the correct eye relief to be able to comfortably use the scope with effectiveness in hitting the target.

There are several different options in 30mm scope rings to allow a shooter to choose the best option. As a 30mm ring, they will fit all 30mm scopes, but that does not mean all rings are right for all weapons. Knowing what you need and what positions the scope in the right position and height on the gun will be critical before making a purchase.

When looking at 30mm rings, it will quickly become evident there are many different height possibilities. The rings have to be high enough to correctly position the scope off of the surface of the gun, but not too high as to create an uncomfortable position for the shooter.

The typical height designations with these rings include standard, intermediate, high and extra high. There are also low ring sets and high ring sets, which are designed to increase or extend eye relief, or the distance between the shooters eye and the scope. For hunters or serious shooters with the need to change scopes frequently, these provide an easier option than two independent scope rings.

As with other sizes of rings, the 30mm scope rings can be made from various types of metals and alloys. Aluminum offers a lightweight option without sacrificing strength or durability. Often anodized with a black surface, these are a good option for any type of shooting or hunting environment.

The other popular option is in steel rings. These are durable, long lasting and designed to stand up to the frequent firing of the weapon and any type of extreme use conditions. They also provide a rugged look favored by many gun owners.

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