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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Automotive |

Don’t Ignore a Cracked Windshield, Windshield Replacement on Long Island is Convenient and Fast

Don’t Ignore a Cracked Windshield, Windshield Replacement on Long Island is Convenient and Fast

Busy car owners often want to ignore small cracks in their windshield. They don’t think that a small crack is any big deal. They are very wrong. In only seconds, a small crack can spread and destroy the entire windshield. This can leave the driver unable to see the road without any warning. A weak windshield could easily pop out of the car frame, during a collision. As a result, the car roof could collapse and seriously injure anyone inside. Companies that specialize in windshield replacement long island understand how busy people are. They usually offer the on-site replacement. That means they will go to a person’s home or work and replace the windshield there.

Regardless of the location, the customer will receive the same level of craftsmanship and quality replacement windshield. It’s important to use the factory-made windshield for a specific make and model of the car. This ensures the most reliable fit. As car manufacturers have made car frames lighter, the windshield plays a larger role in supporting the roof of the car. The tighter the fit, the more support the car roof receives from the windshield. It’s also important that the technician be well-trained and experienced. He must know how to select the proper adhesive to hold the windshield in place. This varies among different car models and the weather. The technician must also use gloves during the entire process because oil from his hands can degrade the adhesive. The technician will also tell the car owner when it is safe to drive the car after a windshield replacement long island. Different adhesive types cure at different rates. This can be as fast as one hour or take several hours.

Because insurance companies know how important it is to have a well-maintained windshield, most policies pay the entire replacement cost. Companies will have their staff fill out the paperwork, to save the customer time. They will also direct bill the insurance company, to minimize any out-of-pocket expenses. Active Auto Glass Long Island is one of the windshield replacement companies located on Long Island. Car owners can call them to receive a free estimate.

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