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Posted by on Dec 21, 2017 in Real Estate |

Carve Out a Special Space for Yourself in San Francisco

Carve Out a Special Space for Yourself in San Francisco

When you choose San Francisco apartments for sale you will be able to make the space distinctly yours. You will find apartments that are bright, open and optimized. The buildings they are in provide great opportunities to socialize within a community. You will be purchasing a smart and sophisticated home nestled in the heart of San Francisco. Carve out a unique and special space for yourself when you invest in San Francisco real estate. You will be living in a new school of thought that’s receptive to the geniality of the neighborhood. You will be living in a cozy space that’s part of something bigger than itself, and be embracing the true expression of San Francisco’s spirit.

Live in Malleable and Warm Interiors

When it comes to interior design, living in condos or apartments featuring Edmonds + Lee’s designs is an absolute pleasure. You’ll be able to enjoy decor that gives off a laid-back vibe in a soothing atmosphere that makes you feel welcome every time you walk through the door. The exterior of the building may be bold, but the interior space is more intimate, inviting and slow. Interior decor that includes designs that attract the five senses is absolutely inspirational. You’ll be able to live in a space that captures a modern and contemporary lifestyle.

Fall in Love with the Lobby

Before you ever reach your apartment or condo you’ll have to go through an entrance and lobby. Buildings that make alleys a pedestrian friendly space are providing more unique and celebratory green spaces. The entry to a building that feels refreshing and inviting, makes coming home an absolute pleasure. From wide oak planks at the entrance to area rugs that offer a sense of warmth, the tactile feel of wood provides an artisan factor with imperfections retained in the flooring. Buildings that use the same type of flooring in their residences, provide a sense of home the moment you walk in the lobby.

Enjoy a Hint of History

Living in the building that also retains a hint of history is inspiring. It gives residents the opportunity to experience the history of the building. Buildings that reflect their neighborhoods with a hint of history are a little reference to an industrial past with the distinct presence of tactile elements. It’s more than just a literal reference it’s a way to bring new and old together that reflects the heart of San Francisco. For more information visit The Austin.

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