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Posted by on Aug 10, 2017 in Roofing Contractor |

Call a Roofer in Frankfort, IL about Installing a Cedar Shake Roof

Call a Roofer in Frankfort, IL about Installing a Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar roofing is a type of roofing product that is defined by durability, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and storm resistance. Therefore, this type of wood roof is highly popular in the Midwest where severe storms can easily rip off a roof in an instant.

A Long-Lasting Product

Although you will need to call out a roofer in Frankfort, IL about regular maintenance, a cedar roof is still an ideal way to add value and beauty to your home. Plus, when natural cedar is used, it has a way of gracefully aging with its patina turning into a silvery and grayish hue with the progression of time. When you have the roof installed, expect it to last about a decade longer than regular roofing materials.

As noted, you will want to contact a Frankfort roofer immediately once you learn how cedar roofs resist heavy rains and high winds. In fact, cedar shake roofs can withstand the impact of hurricane-force winds, hail storms, blizzards, and heavy downpours. You really do not receive that type of protection from other roofing materials.

Plus, a cedar roof will help you save on the costs of heating and cooling your home. A cedar shake wood roof offers a natural insulation that is double the insulation offered by an asphalt-type roof. While you may pay more for cedar, you will also save good money on your heating and cooling bills.

Compare the Current Cost with Future Expenses

When you talk to a roofer about installing a roof—any roof—you need to balance out the total cost with future expenses and maintenance. Compared to asphalt, it costs more to install a cedar shake roof. However, if you are seeking a highly durable roofing material that is a premium in quality, cedar shake is the roof to choose.

With respect to maintenance, you will need to contact the roofer who installs your cedar roof to treat it against moss or mold. Some cedar shake roofs are treated with preservatives that are added during the crafting process to stop fungal growth and preserve the wood. As a result, the maintenance for these roofs is greatly reduced.

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