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Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Plumbing |

Attributes of the Best Water Heaters in Monroe NY

Attributes of the Best Water Heaters in Monroe NY

Individuals and homeowners who want to purchase a water heater may be confused by the wide array of water heaters in the market. To enjoy the benefits of a good water heater, they need to consider a lot of factors when making their purchase. The following are qualities to look out for when purchasing Water Heaters in Monroe NY.

Energy Efficiency

The best kinds of water heaters are cost effective to run and make efficient use of fuel sources. In most parts of the country, natural gas is cheaper than electricity, and this means that the operating cost of a natural gas heater is lower than that of a similar-sized electric heater. However, all water heaters that were manufactured after April 2015 are subject to the energy efficiency regulations set out by the NACEA. This implies that they have a higher energy efficiency rating than previous models.

Ample Capacity

The best water heaters are those that provide the individual or homeowner’s family with the total amount of hot water needed. The hot water produced should be enough for the needs of the family while reducing the overall energy consumption and cost. Individuals and homeowners should take into account the amount of hot water needed on a daily basis when purchasing a water heater.

High FHR

The FHR is the first-hour rating of a water heater and is used to measure the total capacity of hot water in the tank. It also measures the volume of cold water that the water heater can heat in one hour. The volume of water supplied by water heaters that have a high FHR rating is more than those with low FHR rating. These kinds of water heaters are ideal for homes that require hot water throughout the day.

Extensive Warranty Coverage

The best kinds of water heaters come with lengthy warranty coverage. Due to their superb construction, manufacturers usually offer warranty coverage of between ten to twelve years. Other water heaters have warranties that cover a period of four to six years.

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