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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 23, 2014 in Computers

2 Reasons Small Businesses are Switching to VoIP in Denver

2 Reasons Small Businesses are Switching to VoIP in Denver

When you’re running a small business, saving every penny that you can is ideal. However, in order to be successful, you must also learn when to invest in new products or services that will enhance your business operations. One important aspects that businesses need from all niches is a fully functional phone system. While there are plenty of options out there for landlines, many small businesses have opted to invest in a VOIP phone system.

Saves Money Over Time

At the top of the list of reasons that businesses have VOIP in Denver is because it’s a lot cheaper than any other type of phone system. VoIP calls are actually transmitted through digital data as opposed to analog formats used by traditional land lines. Analog lines require a constant electrical connection between two landlines in order to receive a successful phone call. Depending on how far the call is, the more resources are needed to transfer the call which is why businesses pay more for long distance and international calls. However, digital calls are transferred over the internet, therefore requiring less electricity, which lowers the cost of both local and long distance calls.

Use it Wherever There’s Internet Access

There was a time when businesses could only really get revenue and consumers from their general location. However, the internet has changed that, and now businesses can have customers spread far and wide. With more small business owners traveling for meetings, expansions, and the like, having a phone system that you can use anywhere there is internet access is a great solution. It allows you to make a call to virtually anyone without incurring huge fees or having to remember new numbers. Simply log into your VoIP system, dial the number, and communicate.

These are just the two main reasons that small business owners have considered VOIP in Denver. VoIP phone systems come equipped with an array of other features just as a landline would, however, at a much more affordable rate. If you’re still using old landlines and paying hundreds more a month than you would like, you might consider consulting with a VoIP phone service provider about the various options they have to help you maintain effective communication while saving money.

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